ProCool Goat Blanket, Xtra Large (80-110lbs)




This unique ProCoolâ„¢ blanket features breathable mesh material that provides excellent ventilation and protects goats from UV rays. The durable, rip-resistant material offers effective protection from fly bites and provides a barrier against fungus while keeping your goat clean and cool. It also features snap and ring ends on the adjustable belly strap that rest inside pockets to help protect goats from rubbing or chafing. A mesh butt provides added air circulation while leg gussets allow for extended leg movement.

Sizes: Extra Small (up to 20lbs), Small (20-40lbs), Medium (40-60lbs), Large (60-80lbs), Extra Large (80-110lbs)

Additional information

Weight 1.1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 1.1 × 7 in

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